All started in 1968, in the basement of the residence of Égide Dupuis. Thereafter, in 1981, the business was installed in a commercial building. As years went by, the company of Mr. Dupuis continued to take expansion.  It is in 1993 that the construction of its own building took place with a surface of 7000 square feet. This new company opened its doors on March 1, 1993. This date was memorable for Égide Dupuis and his sons. At this time, about fifteen people worked for Égide Dupuis and sons. Two of Mr. Dupuis sons, Gaetan Dupuis; accountant and Harold Dupuis; manager, were part of those employees. The new store, located at 159 boulevard Gaspé in Gaspé, made possible a greater choice of products and at the same time offered a better service. 

Égide Dupuis and sons offer products going from the department of paint and hardware to automobile parts.

For 25 years, the family company has continued to evolve and distinguish itself in its field, still offering the best service to its customers.